ZTE’s mobile device social strategy 

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Social / Branding / Marketing Strategy 

ZTE came to us expressing interest in an updated social presence for 2021-2022. We became their Agency of Record and crafted the Good Vibes campaign. A way to celebrate inclusion and to share and tap into the Good Vibes coming out of the pandemic. The campaign has been a big hit on social and has helped put a smile on the faces of our friends on social, our client and influencers alike. Smile – it’s contagious! 


To expand their target audience and appeal to the North American market.


AS teh Agency of Record for ZTE, the world's 4th largest mobile manufacturer, we've been proud to develop a variety of paid and social campaigns throughout the year to help them increase market share and share of voice.


Incredible engagement and growth on all channels.


Lifestyle Shoot.

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