Is JustUno Your Numero Uno To Improve CRO?


Giving an extra nudge, an irresistible offer is often the ONLY to-do thing to make your website visitor complete the purchase and become your customer, Isn’t it? However, many companies fail to decipher the offer that does the trick!

This so near yet so far scenario can be frustrating and add more burden to your never-ending strategic efforts to increase organic traffic and lead conversion rate.


But you haven’t hit the end yet with many CRO tools and technologies in the fray for you to enjoy faster and effective results.

Well, we are here talking about JustUno which offers a broad spectrum of integrated marketing tools to optimize your site to gain high-quality sales leads.

If you’re not running JustUno campaigns then we are here to unlock some factors that help you gain control over conversion rate optimization (CRO) and your business:

  1. Personalized Experience

Leveraging critical user data to improve website experience is not a secret anymore. Companies spend loads of money to extract critical user information to gain an edge over their competitors.

However, how it influences your users to move toward the end of your sales funnel – placing an order, download ebook, subscribing to a newsletter, and customer form is the key!

Let’s take an example: Abandoned Cart


To be honest, it is a nightmare for businesses with more than 65% of potential sales revenue drains out owing to an abandoned cart.

Ironic much, most of the marketers especially e-retailers are not weighing the enormity of the loss here.

Notwithstanding the reason behind abandoning the product cart, study the shoppers’ behavioral pattern and pitch in a bait – personalized exit offer – as they exit the cart page.

By pushing an extra incentive forward, you’re reigniting the same interest to visit that cart and complete the sale, positively this time.

Use simple steps to set up an unavoidable exit offer!

2. Redesigning

User experience has incredible importance to optimize your website design and engage users indefinitely.

In fact, Matt Cutts, Head of Google Spam in 2013, stated that “a pleasant and informative online encounter will do much more for a brand’s content marketing strategy than making the smallest tweaks to linking structure or keyword selection.

Studies suggest people take half a second to judge your website. Play your cards right with sufficient text, typography, stunning visual cues (images), animations and videos to move your visitors faster through the sales funnel.

A growing number of businesses have embraced AI-powered tools such as JustUno to pull the right trigger and win back the lost attention of your visitors.

Have a look into some of JustUno pre-built templates to redesign websites with pop-ups and banners that meet the unique needs of visitors.


These astutely designed templates engage and entice your old and new users to enjoy the extra benefits and increase dwelling time for your website. If the standard templates do not tempt you, enjoy the customization features with the template editor.

Your imagination is the only limit! 

3. User Incentives

Earning a customer is not an easy task. More so, if you’re up against many other strong market competitors. From a bonus free gift, combo offers, fast delivery, and other upselling strategies find out what or what does not work for your company.

However, there’s a catch in it. When is the right time to pitch in the extra something? We have already discussed exit pop-ups. What if you could decide the user incentives based on the user behavior while they’re browsing?

This is where Just Uno’s user segmentation features come into the frame.

It’s an era that defines – Think beyond the usual – and stalking (not literally) your users’ behavior on the first page, subsequent pages later or any specific page is not absurd!


However, be careful as you do not want to hound them with pop-ups on every page. So wait for the right time to pitch the relevant incentives to improve dwelling time and reduce the bounce rate for your website!

JustUno supports businesses to conceptualize and craft messages that resonate with the end customers and helps them increase conversion rate (CRO) and boost average order volume (AOV).

Moderately use personalized offers without looking desperate! 

4. Call To Action Must Encourage REAL ACTION

It’s really important to guide your website visitors with the meticulous use of  CTAs – Call to Action.

They are an integral part of your website that culminates a buyer’s journey into making a sale!

If not created with tact, they are of little help and do not derive any concrete action from the visitors and the result is a poor conversion rate for your website.

We recommend running an A/B test to determine the impact of different elements on your site’s conversion rate.

With Just Uno’s A/B test, you can test your digital marketing campaign like a pro. From the placement, color and even text on your CTAs, banners, images and other media options to comparing incentivized promotions and even optimizing lead capture tactics, there is so much you can do.


5. Mobile-friendly

A study found a whopping 96% of users to have landed on sites not-friendly on mobile phones that left 48% feeling frustrated and annoyed.


Just imagine you’ve invested in JustUno campaigns but your website does not support multi-device compatibility. A spectacular pop up that simply irritates than encourage lead conversion!

The best you can do is have a mobile app developer in Santa Monica to make your website compatible for smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.

With JustUno, you can create exclusive promotions for your mobile users such as online contests, limited-time offers and many more.


It does not matter if you’re new to digital marketing or a seasoned player… it’s not rocket science to realize that often small fixes make a notable difference in the lead conversion rate of your website.

Of course, it is difficult to cut the clutter and find the solutions that not just look fit for your business but provides practical growth in conversion rates as well.

Whether you want an empowering pop-up or something more, you can get professional support from Imprint – Digital Agency. Give us a call at +1(310) 245-3218!

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