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SEO Best Practices for 2018

What are the best practices for SEO in 2018? Well first, lets go over what SEO actually is? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is exactly what it sounds like: it is the process of increasing ones online visibility via search engine results (whether on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). SEO is often considered to be a method of producing “organic” or “natural” traffic to a web page or site. Every time a search is conducted, search engines employ their...

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How to Properly Add Anchor Text

Anchor text used to be a way for SEO experts to manipulate Google’s algorithm into ranking the inbound website higher on SERP’s. Anchor text is the highlighted text that when pressed leads to another website (the inbound website). This text tells the algorithm what the inbound website is about. If this anchor text has the same keywords as the inbound website this website is likely to start ranking higher for those keywords (at least when...

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Web Building: Sqaurespace vs WordPress

Squarespace and Wordpress are both capable of creating beautifully functioning webpages. So which one is better? There simply is no black and white answer as to which one is best. Each software has its own strengths and weaknesses. This article will review each one and give an overview of each platform’s performance in the following five categories: Flexibility, Ease of Use, User Support, Ongoing Maintenance, and Pricing. WordPress  provides users with a website-building platform and is...

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10-point checklist for your next guest blog 

No errors, grammatical or factual This is pretty straight forward and applies to just about any content you decide to stick up on the web. Don't include any grammatical errors, it just makes you look bad. Also stay away from factual errors, theres a lot of bs out there so make sure you are getting your information from the right source. Also if its a guest blog it wont be very easy for you to go...

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Web Dev Trends of 2018

It is often said that the only thing that is constant is change. When it comes to web dev that statement is undeniably true. In today’s rapidly evolving world, web development continues to be one of the fastest growing surprising. So what exactly is web development? In its most basic form, web development refers broadly to the development of websites on the internet. Web dev often involves the ‘behind-the-scenes’ aspects of everything from website design to...

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