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How to SEO images

How to SEO Images

Introduction to SEO Images It is important to think about all aspects of SEO when creating a website. Something as simple as a good image can go a long way and help boost your site's SEO. Many people overlook this practice when creating web pages because they do not believe it is necessary or useful. Instead of ignoring this simple, yet effective step, utilize your images to their full potential. You would be surprised by how...

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How to Use Header Tags (H1-H3) Like a Boss

Introduction to H1 – H3 HTML Elements   Header tags may not be the most important asset to your website, but they definitely are useful. If header tags are used properly they can help boost your SEO and attract more users to your site. You can make content more attractive and easier to read by properly placing header tags throughout your website. There is no point in skipping over this simple, yet very useful strategy while thinking...

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10 WordPress Marketing Tips

Introduction To Wordpress Whether you’re starting a new website or already own one, you should know about WordPress. The company that started in 2003 has become the most popular for creating custom sites. WordPress now powers over 30% of the internet and continues to grow. Even if you’re not familiar with this website builder, chances are that you’ve been on a WordPress site. WordPress is great for marketing due to its high traffic volume that increases...

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The August “Medic” Update

What Happened and Who Was Impacted?   A lot of sites were left in distress after the most recent Google search engine update, dubbed the medic update. This update was a broad core algorithm update and had a widespread effect. Like all major updates it was rolled out over the course of several days. There was large scale impact in all verticals, but the health and wellness sector was most gravely affected.   Many sites were hit due to...

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Black-Hat SEO in 2018

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is exactly what it sounds like: it is the process of increasing ones online visibility via search engine results (whether it be on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). SEO is often referred to as producing “organic” or “natural” traffic to a web page or site. Search engines employ their own algorithms to provide the user with what they deem the ‘best’ source of material. However, sometimes users will employ unethical...

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