How To Use Your Website To Make A Lasting Impression On Your Customers


More often than not, you only have one chance to make a great impression on your potential customers if you want them to revisit your website. Here are some ways to make an impression under 50 milliseconds:

1. Remove long waits

Use SEO tools and WordPress plugins to increase the loading speed on your website, because if the loading time takes more than 3 seconds, it won’t hold their attention…especially a mobile user. Use a website speed tracker to see how fast your website responds.

2. Highlight your key information

The next thing your website visitors do is scan web pages very quickly. According to an eye-tracking study, they do it in a sort of F shape. Additionally, users spend 69 percent of their time on a web page reading the content on the left side of the page.

You should display any information accordingly so they do not miss it, for example, your company’s name or your key call to action.

3. Fix bugs

A website designer or web developer are constantly updating their webpages according to customer feedback because there will inevitably be bugs, broken links and plentiful errors that might hinder your web page on the first try. Read the feedback from the people who visit your website and be sure to visit your website as a third party so you can interact with it the way a user would.

4. Give the people what they want

Imagine what you would want out of a website, and how you would react to any given website. Maybe you will find the menus are not user-friendly, perhaps the design or font choices are atrocious on certain websites.

Perhaps the language used is unnecessarily complicated. Now keep all this in mind when creating a web design. Think about what your website is going for, and the kind of information you would want to find on it.

Keep your website easy to access, user-friendly and pretty. You should keep your services, products and about us in clear view so the users do not miss it. Keep in mind intuitive navigation because that’s how your users are going to interact with your website.

5. Avoid loud design choices

You want to avoid instant pop-ups, interstitials, or auto-playing media because they can be offensive and obnoxious to the user. These things can website visitors leave because they are attacked by the information they didn’t ask for.

6. Keep it tidy

Visitors are attracted to websites that deliver information is a compact and clean way. A cluttered website is the kryptonite of bounce rates.

7. Link them to other pages

Make sure your content engages them. Write well-written blogs that can be linked to the side about common problems relating to your field of expertise and how they can be fixed.

Also, give them downloadable content because that way the customers have something they can take with them after having visited your website. It’s like a handy tool they might be able to use later, and chances are they will come back for more.

To conclude

These are the key steps to making your website more aesthetic, accessible and user-friendly, and thus boost Digital Marketing campaigns.

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