How to effectively run an SEO campaign


How to effectively run an SEO campaign?

When a digital marketing agency starts optimizing any website from the ground up, it requires a fair amount of planning. This is the key to run a successful SEO campaign.

Running an effective SEO campaign was a bit easier years ago. Back then, all you had to do was build rich anchor text links, in order to dominate the search engine rankings.

Evolving Google algorithms affecting SEO strategies

But, nowadays, SEO is not that easy. What people found useful in the past regarding SEO doesn’t work anymore. The reason behind it is Google. The state of SEO is completely in Google’s hands. It is continuously changing and improving its algorithm for the finest user experience. 

Let’s have a look at a few key aspects of an effective SEO campaign that you should definitely include into your overall strategy.

1) Make a List of Well-Targeted Keywords

Keywords are the heart of a good SEO campaign strategy. An effective SEO campaign always revolves completely around keywords. For a good SEO campaign, you shortlist 8-10 keywords associated with your business and website.

Then, add these keywords into Google’s keyword planner tool. Through this tool, you can easily find variations and combinations of keywords. Select the ones that make sense for your niche and business too.

When you are selecting keywords, keep in mind search volume and competition as they are deciding factors when it comes to choosing keywords. Always remember that for your SEO strategy keywords are like the bread and butter so ensure to update the list at least once a month in an order to stay relevant.

2) Make Keyword Focused Pages

The search engine rank of a website or webpage depends on keywords to a great extent. So, one of the excellent ways to increase your visibility would be to create keyword specific web pages that are custom-made to a particular set of keywords or phrases.

You should use your list of keywords to build this kind of web pages. To stay relevant in your niche and to increase chances of high ranking on SERPs you should update your keyword list at regular intervals.

3) Set Up a Blog

Blogs help you in realizing how a specific set of keywords is helping you rank high in SERPs. If you don’t have a blog set up a blog for your business. Keep in mind that, your blog is for your audience and not for the search engine. 

So, include engaging and high-quality content into it. Make sure to provide informative blog content that is engaging to read and presents a compelling picture of the theme being discussed in it.

4) Build a Link Building Plan

Link building is one of the most important off-page SEO strategies that help your web pages ranking higher on SERPs. There are many methods to build a good quality link including:

  • Quality Blog Comments
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Infographic marketing
  • Guest Blogging

5) Track the Success of Your SEO Campaign

You can stay at the top of your game by updating yourself with the latest SEO tactics. Also, you should track the organic activity on your web pages by using a good analytic tool.


In a nutshell, SEO is not a one-time meal deal. It is a continuous procedure of testing, optimizing, and testing again and again. That’s why you should hire a good digital marketing agency in Los Angeles like IMPRINT LA that can set up tactical SEO campaigns correctly based on rock-solid strategy, keyword research, content and good website construction with their seasoned web developers and SEO professionals.

If you follow the above-discussed steps accurately, you’ll definitely see optimistic ROI on your SEO campaign.

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