Our Process.

Discovery Meeting

Our process begins with an in-person meeting, at your office, or ours. During this meeting, we walk you through the SEO and Keyword landscape along with the step by step process we take to ensure higher visibility for your website. We then discuss your specific SEO and Keyword search needs and create a plan that is best suited for your company to move forward and reach your desired goals.


Throughout this phase, our SEO and Keyword team actively researches and identifies keywords that closely correspond with your business. We also determine which keywords are most frequently used by users searching your industry and then correlate them to find the words that are best suited for targeting.


During the strategy phase, we conduct systematic keyword research and cross-reference them with your competitors. Our analysis identifies specific keywords that are going to be the most valuable to focus on for your campaign. Highly competitive keywords are not beneficial to pursue early on, as they can take longer to climb the SEO rankings. Our goal is to identify the keywords that will earn the most value for your business in the shortest amount of time.


During the approval stage, we ensure all last-minute changes and tweaks are carefully ironed out and implemented within the strategy that best aligns with your SEO and Keyword objectives.


In the execution phase, our SEO team of writers and digital web developers execute the approved strategy using engaging creative content along with visually attractive design to draw in an increasing amount of organic traffic to your business website.

Managing & Reporting

Result times can vary; however, typically, the most successful campaigns take between 6-8 months to develop significant positive keyword rankings. Weekly keyword adjustments are necessary as Google algorithms are continuously changing and competitors constantly seek to outrank keywords our team has identified and targeted. These ongoing changes require monitoring to ensure we are meeting our SEO and Keyword goals. Furthermore, we continuously track the performance of your website, and ensure it continues to maintain and outpace the competition.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important parts of any digital marketing strategy. It’s a powerful marketing tool that includes keyword research, copy optimization, link building, and much more.

Paid Media

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest can be incredibly effective tools for driving sales. For each campaign, we identify and set up a highly targeted audience, test various messages and creatives, and manage your spend to ensure you see maximum returns.



Social & Email marketing allows you to build a relationship with customers. Social Media Marketing helps build trust, promote products, and define your brand through a large customer base. Email marketing helps bring more traffic to your website to increase your revenue.

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