Honesty and Google Ranking

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Google Ranking

The Internet is like a library and search engines are the librarian. Google ranking has become extremely important. If you own a website, search results matter because when your pages have higher rankings, more people can find you. Google is like a cake and your website must have the ingredients necessary for Google’s recipe. This is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

There are all sorts of black-hat tricks for manipulating search engine algorithms to rank your website on the first page of Google. Many agencies apply these frowned-upon practices in hopes that their clients will be pleased, which may be true short term, but to get strong, long-term results, these kinds of strategies have no lasting effect. At IMPRiNT, we adhere to the mindset that honesty is the best policy when it comes to SEO and Google Ranking that there’s no substitute for great content, optimized architecture and an excellent social media strategy for your brand.

Quality Content

Quality content will always be the most important factor in your website’s development as a prized resource in the Google Ranking library. And why should it be any different? If the information on your site is bland or duplicated, then what is the purpose of its existence? At IMPRiNT Digital Agency, we employ only the best copywriters and procure each article with care to assure it meets the needs of your industry.  We apply basic HTML techniques so that Google understands what your page is about and how to find it.

Google accounts for every word on the web which helps generate related content when searchers enter your SEO keywords in a Google’s search. A great deal of research goes into finding the most-searched keywords for your industry and it’s important that Google understands the big picture of your page, but also what niche categories it may address. Website code is called HTML and certain efforts need to be made on your website’s back-end to assure that those technical needs are met.

These keywords also need to be implemented across SEO blog posts and website content to assure that “crawlers” can understand what the page is about and when to produce it as a search result. “Crawlers” are mini-algorithms that grab information from your site to be indexed into Google’s database. A huge part of our job at IMPRiNT is to assure that your website’s architecture is built properly so that search engines can easily crawl your site.

The Progress of SEO

The reputations of websites have become increasingly important over time, especially since the advent of blogs and social media platforms. Google knows when a website is reputable because it will be linked back to across a number of sources, including blogs and social media profiles with massive followings. While there are many agencies that can spam this kind of data, Google is smart and has developed an algorithm that can detect whether a link is legitimate or fabricated. It is important at IMPRiNT that we develop organic relationships with other companies in your related industry that can link back to your site on their own accord.

Furthermore, a social media community built around your brand has strong marketing power as well. Not only does social media reputation rank as the most important aspect of  the algorithm and has been for the past 9 years (meaning it won’t be changed anytime soon), but it also can be extremely powerful when creating brand awareness and trust for Google ranking. A potential lead, customer or client is likely to make a larger purchase from your brand when they’ve developed a trust by following that source on social media. Our experienced social media strategists know how to build strong followings on the most important platforms for Google and develop quality content to keep those followers engaged.

All in all, no one factor outweighs the rest and we understand at IMPRiNT how important a well-rounded digital marketing strategy is for your brand’s success online. By applying honesty is the best policy approach to Google ranking, we can guarantee increased awareness of your company’s value and consideration of your brand’s services and products.

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