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The August “Medic” Update

What Happened and Who Was Impacted?   A lot of sites were left in distress after the most recent Google search engine update, dubbed the medic update. This update was a broad core algorithm update and had a widespread effect. Like all major updates it was rolled...

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CRM in big letters and 5 stars on the R showing its 5-star quality.

Seven Ways a CRM Can Increase Software Sales

The Software as a Service—or SaaS—industry continues to boom. Several leading research institutions, such as Gartner and Forrester, predict double-digit growth to the year 2020. That growth led to an industry valuation of over $200 billion in 2016. Every dollar earned, of course, requires a sale. While...

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a road sigh with the text Honesty, indicating that honesty is present in our google ranking efforts

Honesty and Google Ranking

Google Ranking The Internet is like a library and search engines are the librarian. Google ranking has become extremely important. If you own a website, search results matter because when your pages have higher rankings, more people can find you. Google is like a cake and...

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