5 Hacks that Extract More Value from Facebook Optimization Strategies


With Facebook ad optimization, you get to open up your brand to about a billion-odd active FB users. A carefully-thought of and smartly executed Facebook ad campaign is just what you need to give your brand the visibility boost it requires to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are some hacks that can boost the value your brand derives from smart Facebook optimization strategies:

1 – Selecting the right objective

When you start developing the ad, you first need to select the marketing objective. Getting this right is absolutely critical to the campaign’s success. You need to make the right selection out of the three possible choices – Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. This way, FB algorithms get a hold of your campaign goals and optimize the ad delivery to best fulfill the goals.  Not just the ad delivery mechanism, getting this step right is also important to determine your cost- per- result.

2 – Use Existing Post

Many marketers begin their ad design by creating new ads for every ad set and campaign. However, Facebook also provides one more option – Use Existing Post. With this, you get a phenomenal avenue for tapping into more likes and shares – the ultimate social proof benchmark of your brand’s popularity.

For this, you first need to publish the post on the company’s FB page. You can then select this post every time you create a new Facebook ad campaign 

3 – Power up ad scheduling

Your Facebook Ads Manager will make it clear that certain times of the day and certain days of the week are the best for your ad’s performance. Make sure you get to know these details. Go to the Breakdown menu of the Facebook Ad Manager interface and filter the campaign performance by day.

The best time would be one which provides the maximum conversions at the lowest CPA.

4 – Intense A/B testing

Rolling out only one ad and hoping that it will land you the conversions you are looking for, is a big marketing folly. You need to tweak your campaigns regularly to get to know what will work and what won’t. This A/B testing (or testing multiple versions of an element) helps you extract maximum conversion from your Facebook ad optimization objective.

Common elements that can be tested include the ad design, the copywriting, the heading, the call to action buttons (size, shape, color, font design), campaign objectives, and the bidding approach.

5 – Ad placement

One study shows that optimizing the ad placement results in a CPC variation of more than 500%. Be it the mobile newsfeed, the right-hand column, the desktop newsfeed, on Instagram, or on Audience Network, you need to know which position on the FB interface does the ad have the maximum potential to yield favorable outcomes.

To sign off

With the intense competition around this social media platform, it is important to devise, design, and deploy smart strategies. Tactical advertising optimization strategies on Facebook will yield better outcomes and make social media a profitable avenue for customer acquisition and business growth.

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