4 Link Building Strategies that still Matter in 2019


A decade back, link building was primarily centered on quantity and not quality. Things change and so did the outlook towards creating a strong backlink profile for your website.

In 2019, link building is completed transformed- a different ball game altogether.  Wondering how? Read on to learn more…

Before we go any further, one critical thing to know about modern link building is that you cannot create hundreds of meaningful backlinks overnight. Backlink creation is a gradual process that delivers measurable & lasting results. 

The quality & authority of third-party sites where you have added your website link determine how well your website will rank on top search engines like Google, Bing, etc. 

Today, we’ll take a look at four link building strategies that still work in 2019:- 

1. Steal Your Competitor’s Backlinks 

You are not the only one in the market, actively identifying the best possible ways to drive quality links to your website. 

Your competitors probably had achieved good results with their link building strategy, while your business is to be found nowhere on the web – expect the website. 

Firstly, find a market rival who has been investing big time in link building, they may have already obtained thousands of high authority links. 

And, this is no unethical as it is about figuring out what works for your biggest competitor. Entrust experts from a leading SEO company in Santa Monica for professional assistance in creating digital marketing campaigns.

So, they have put in the hard yards; all you need to replicate their link building action plan. 

Here is the three-step general process:- 

  • Research the Competition Level 
  • Figure out How Competitors Are Building Links 
  • Replicate/Steal Their Tactics 
  • Drive Traffic With Blog Commenting 

You probably heard of the universal saying that “A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes,” this holds true for blog commenting. 

There are numerous trolls concerning this link building technique, suggesting it is dead, spam, and Google penalized blog commenting.

However, the above claims have their say only when you are posting thousands of comments on blogs to attract traffic to your website.

Our approach here is slightly offbeat but ethical. Identify high-traffic blogs related to your main niche & its subtopics. Then, leave value-added comments – strictly no cheap marketing tactics – to boost your organic site rankings. 

This strategy won’t bring truckloads of traffic, but whatever leads you’ll be getting will have a higher conversion rate. 

2. Google Alerts


Often overlooked, Google is a dynamic & powerful search engine that helps your website gain positive organic results from their link building strategy. 

Whenever someone positively mentions your company name, you quickly need to link it to the website

With the free-of-cost Google Alerts feature, you can easily keep a tab on your brand mentions over the Internet. 

The objective of the activity is to connect with people – who spoke well of your business online – to request them to include the website link if they haven’t done. 

How To Do:

  • Set up your Google Alerts
  • Monitor & Manage Them

3. Quora Hacking

While the backlinks of Quora are no-follow,  that doesn’t they are worthless. 

In fact, the links coming from Quora can serve as an impressive source of organic web traffic. 

Quora also lets you diversify the link profile and expand the customer base. 

Here is the three-step trick to send tons of organic traffic from Quora:-

Step 1:

Enter the main URL of Quora into the Ahrefs tool to detect the active threads with high traffic.

Step 2:

Now, figure out the relevant keywords in line with the subject matter of threads. 

Step 3:

Write a value-driven answer to open floodgates of traffic to your website.

4. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is often met with heavy criticism that is no more a part of link building, however, if it is done properly, it can:-

  • Generate High-Quality Backlinks from Websites Related to Your Industry
  • Establish Brand Credibility
  • Bring Targeted Traffic
  • Rank for Highly Competitive Keywords

You can always have highly-rated digital marketers such as Imprint to keep your on-site and off-site strategies running. 

Which of these link building practices have you used to get quality links to your web pages? Share your story in the comments section of this blog post.

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