10 WordPress Marketing Tips


Introduction To WordPress

Whether you’re starting a new website or already own one, you should know about WordPress. The company that started in 2003 has become the most popular for creating custom sites. WordPress now powers over 30% of the internet and continues to grow. Even if you’re not familiar with this website builder, chances are that you’ve been on a WordPress site. WordPress is great for marketing due to its high traffic volume that increases every day. Another reason this site builder is so popular is because it is very easy to use. WordPress sites can be used by anyone with its simple and straightforward layout. In this article, I will show you 10 WordPress marketing tips to help you optimize your website. For more information about WordPress please check out our recent blog Web Building: Squarespace Vs WordPress

Maintain your editorial calendar

When creating daily content, it is very easy to forget when you scheduled your posts. The editorial calendar on WordPress allows you to see when your posts are scheduled, making it easier to stay on top of things. The editorial calendar lets you edit posts, move and drop them where you want, and manage your blog posts. More of its features allow you to manage drafts, manage posts from multiple authors, and Quickedit titles and times. This plugin feature allows you to be organized and stay on top of your content.

Keep up with trends

It is very important for marketers to understand current trends and create relevant content. You need to be well aware of what content will attract your audience. Hootsuite is a useful plugin that you can link to your WordPress site for social monitoring. This allows you to update posts and research trending topics in WordPress.

Remodel your old content

If you have old content on your WordPress website you should restructure and update it. You should do this by checking for content that is not up to date. If there is content that seems old and irrelevant, fix it with the Revive Old Post plugin that WordPress offers. Instead of just deleting the old content, remodel it.


Use SEO plugins for each blog post


It is important to use SEO plugins to each of your blog posts. WordPress has a few options to choose from, but Yoast is the most efficient. Yoast SEO attracts more visitors from social media platforms and helps increase the reader’s engagement. It also allows you easily add descriptions and other important information to your WordPress. Yoast also lets you see what your page will look like in the search engine results. Do not skip this step because it is quick, easy to use, and very effective.

Transfer leads to your CRM

WordPress offers a feature that lets you directly import existing contacts from your website to your CRM. There are existing plugins that watch over your website, looking for new opportunities every day. This is perfect if you do not have much time to set up and track conversions.

Reduce your file sizes for image optimization

Images are important to have in your blog posts to help separate large amounts of text. The only downfall is that high quality images will slow down the loading process. WordPress offers a plugin called WP Smush which reduces the image file size. This will help improve your website image optimization and be more attractive in the Google search engine.

Connect your site through social networks

Social media platforms are the best way to share and get your content out to the public. WordPress allows you to share websites with social media users on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. This allows users to share your information with others with a click of a button, rather than pasting web links. Connecting your site through social media is a great way to market your site and create leads. WordPress offers many widgets that enable you to share. You can learn more about social media and trends by reading SEO Best Practices for 2018.

Link to analytics

Collecting data from users is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. It is always great to check your blog posts for user engagement to help understand what is working and what you could change. Google analytics is the best and most efficient source for tracking information. You can see the amount of traffic through your webpage and figure of what needs to be improved in order to create a successful WordPress site.

Allow comments

You may not know, but comments are a huge way to improve SEO. User engagement is always important and adds to a post’s word count. On top of that, the reader’s feel more engaged especially if you respond to their comments. You should respond to every comment if you can which would boost your SEO and create a community-like feel to your site. Do not block comments or ignore them. If someone is willing to take the time to comment on your post, you should make time to respond to their needs.  

Use mobile-friendly themes

This tip may be the most important of all because of the number of mobile users that exist in today’s world. Not only does Google find mobile-friendly websites more attractive, but it constricts webpages that are not mobile-friendly. This should be one of the first things you should consider when creating a new site. Be sure to check Google analytics for mobile traffic to see if your mobile-friendly theme is helping your WordPress site.


WordPress offers many useful widgets and tools to help your website succeed. Some users prefer different plugins so be sure to go through all of them and find what your personal preference is. Remember that all these tools are not here to make the process more challenging and confusing, they are there to make your life much easier. Make sure you take your time going through all of the plugins and tools that WordPress has, and figure out what will help your site the most.

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